Prepping On The Cheap

Every weekend is like Christmas for me.  You would be amazed at what I find every week.  Hell, I’m amazed half the time.  There is always a deal to be found and here are some of the places I look.

Garage Sales:  This is where I get most of my preps.  There are certain things you find at every garage sale.  Camping gear, tools , electronics and canning equipment.  Why pay $75 for a tent when you can get a “once used” tent for $5 at a garage sale.  Every weekend I put $20 in my pocket and drive around looking for those signs.  Most people just want this stuff out of their house and would give it to you if their significant other was not watching.  Take the family with you and make a day of it.

Auctions:  A lot of people go to auctions for that one thing.  I go for the rest of it.  When a lot has been picked through they will usually sell off the rest of the stuff to one person and usually for less than $10.  20 boxes of stuff for $10 is a great deal.  Half of it is trash but, the other half I keep to either add to my preps or sell at my local consignment shop.

Thrift Stores:  Most thrift stores get stuff for free or buy it at auctions by the room full.  They pay $1,000 for a storage unit, sell off the big stuff for $2,000 and are stuck with the rest to get rid of.  You can find a lot of good gear here and they are usually willing to deal.

Craigslist:  I don’t buy too much off of Craigslist though, I do a lot of trade there.  I take some things that would not sell at the consignment shop and put them up for trade.  I start with a list of things I am looking for then post a list of things that I want to get rid of.  Money is tight for everyone but, we all have stuff that we no longer want.  I get a few emails then pick the trade that I want the most.  Since they contacted me when they found something they wanted off my list, everyone wins.

Freecycle: is a website that you can subscribe to where you can get or give away free stuff.  It works like this.  If you have something you no longer want, you submit a post that will go out to all of the subscribers in your area.  Someone will email you to take it away.  If you are looking for something you create a post saying what you want.  An email goes out to everyone in your area and you might get an email saying someone wants to give it to you.  Give it a try.  Go to this site and say you would like a free tent.  See how many people give you one.


I am a prepper on a budget.  To date, I have not spent one penny on my preps because I buy stuff for one price then sell it for another.  I use that money to pay for the things I have.  I do spend a lot of my time doing this but, it is fun for me so, I really don’t think of it as work.