Mittleider garden is a very scientific and regimented style of gardening.  If you are OCD, this one might be for you.  There are a lot of rules to follow but, it promises to provide the fastest, biggest and healthiest vegetables you can grow organically.  You can also have any type of soil and grow just about anywhere in the world.

You use raised garden beds that have to be 18” or 4’ rows.  You have 3’ to 4’ isles between the rows.  Next you want to remove all of the grass in your grow bed and cover the ground with the pre-plant mix.  Next you fill the beds with whatever soil you have.  Sand and sawdust seem to be the crowd favorite.  Make sure everything in this method is level.  The beds, the soil, everything.

There is a very specific mixture you use to water your plants, kind of like a hydroponics system.  Some people choose to water by hand but, setting up an automatic drip watering system is best.  Next you make a T post system and connect the top of the T to the grow bed with string for your vegetables to grow up.  This allows for the most sun and airflow possible.  This is important because when you plant, you plant close like 2” apart alternating on each side of the drip pipe.

There are books, DVD’s, YouTube videos and course material available to guide you through the whole process.  Please do not take this write-up as step by step program to this method.  This is just a very brief overview of the program.

Here is a video series that LDSPrepper did on his YouTube page taking you step by step through his garden.  If you haven’t already, subscribe to him if you think this method is for you.

Hope you enjoy.