Hugelkultur is wood buried in soil.  As the wood decomposes it will absorb rain water like a sponge.  You can have small 2′ high hills or large 6′ high hills.  The basic idea is this.  Fall a few trees or make a row of stumps.  The higher the better.  Cover that with dirt making a hill.  You can plant immediately after making your hill.  Cover with mulch and walk away.

Small hills do not need to be watered very often.  Larger hills may not need to be watered ever.  It is a good idea to plant a lot of peas and beans the first year to help with the nitrogen tie-up but, it is not necessary.  Most people just have an okay first year.  The real fun is in the second year and beyond.  Your should get some great results.

In the United States, people have changed this method a bit by digging holes in the ground, filling them with logs and wood, then covering that with dirt making a regular garden bed level with the ground.

In the US, Jack Spirko, of The Survival Podcast, has been one of the front runners in this method and also teaches other permaculture concepts in his videos and on his podcast. Make sure to check him out.