Planting Tips

Planting tips Paul has shared with me about planting stuff.



Thinning out your old strawberry plants is hard work and time consuming.  At the end of the season, cover all of your strawberries with about an inch or two of woodchips.  Next year, only the new strong plants will poke through the woodchips and the old plants will die off creating compost.



Plant your potatoes on top of the ground under about eight inches of woodchips to start.  Every year after that you should only have to add a couple of inches of woodchips since only a couple of inches has decomposed over the year.  As they grow, they raise up the woodchips and do not get uncovered.

Plant the biggest and best potatoes back as soon as you harvest.  Yes, harvest and plant the same day.  By putting your best back, you will get bigger and better potatoes next year.  The small potatoes will mash up the same way the big ones do and taste the same.

Plant your potatoes in a row one foot apart and keep the rows three feet apart then cover them with woodchips, no need to dig.