Back To Eden Garden

Paul Gautschi, the main character in the Back To Eden Film, is self employed as an arborist and is well known for his work pruning trees.  His wife, Carol Gautschi, is a world renowned midwife.  She travels the world teaching midwifery.  They home schooled their kids and feel that that is the reason their children are so successful now.  Paul grew up in California and slowly the culture started to change.  He saw where the state was going and about 35 years ago, he moved from LA to Sequim, WA. He built a log house then tried to start a garden.

Paul found that his property was full of clay and rock.  He spent time trying to garden the old fashion way.  After a while of gardening the hard way, Paul looked to God for help.  That is when he was shown how nature does it. The Back to Eden garden, a completely organic way to increase the amount and health of vegetables you already grow.

If you look at the forest, it is always green and lush.  Everything works together to create a self sustaining growing climate.  Go to the woods and look at the ground.  It is loose, moist and full of rich soil.  This is because when plants die off in the woods, they fall to the ground and nature begins the process of composting it back into soil.

You never see someone go to the forest and till before a tree gets planted.  You never see someone watering the forest.  You never see someone add fertilizer to the forest.  Take that approach to your garden.  In the forest, a branch, some leaves and plants fall to the ground.

I’m not saying to take a tree branch and drop it in your garden.  That would take a while to break down.  You can help nature without hindering it.  Just like you cut up your child’s food to make it easier to digest, you can cut up that tree branch to help it decompose.

Nature will find a way to cover bare ground.  You see this in your garden with weeds or that crack in the sidewalk where something is growing.  By adding woodchips, compost and manure, you are mimicking what nature is does in the forest.

I know you will have a lot of questions about the Back to Eden garden method so, I created this Back to Eden garden FAQ to get you some answers.

Below is the complete tour of Paul’s Back to Eden garden that he gives every Sunday afternoon at his property. Not everyone in the world lives as close as I do and I wanted everyone to get a chance to see the tour in it’s entirety. This was recorded on September 15th, 2013.

Hope you enjoy.