One of the biggest parts of prepping and being self sustaining, is the garden.  Every living thing on earth eats something.  We use the garden to feed ourselves and our animals.  When you pick a fruit or vegetable, it is still alive.  It continues to breath, losing nutrients as they do.  Eating food as soon as it’s picked is better for you.  Think about how long it takes to get food from the farm to your plate?  The food you eat from the store has less than half of the nutritional value than food from your garden.  There are many ways to have a happy and healthy garden.  These pages show just a few.


Back to Eden garden is way of gardening where you let nature do all of the work.  Basically you put woodchips and compost over the entire garden.  The woodchips will decompose over time creating a natural fertilizer.  They retain the rain and help stop evaporation.  Since weed seeds cannot get to the bare earth, you have less weeds.  In time, your ground should as loose and natural as the forest floor.


Square Foot garden is a way to grow a lot of food in a small space.  You build it in raised beds, about 6 inches tall and 4′ x 4′ using scrap pieces of wood.  The thinking here is that you can reach everything from some side.  Lay down cardboard or newspaper between the grass and your new dirt.  The dirt is made up of  1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss and 1/3 course vermiculite.  Make a grid over the top making each opening a 1′ square.  When done you should have 16 square feet.


Hugelkultur is wood buried in soil.  As the wood decomposes it will absorb rain water like a sponge.  You can have small 2′ high hills or large 6′ high hills.  The basic idea is this.  Fall a few trees or make a row of stumps.  The higher the better.  Cover that with dirt making a hill.  You can plant immediately after making your hill.  Cover with mulch and walk away.


Mittleider garden is a very scientific and regimented style of gardening.  If you are OCD, this one might be for you.  There are a lot of rules to follow but, it promises to provide the fastest, biggest and healthiest vegetables you can grow organically.  You can also have any type of soil and grow just about anywhere in the world.