DieHard Jump Box

I have not yet, made a battery backup system in my car.  I drive a little Miata and with the speaker in the trunk, there is no room anyway.  (I like it when it goes boom).  Emergency power doesn’t have to break the bank.  I got this DieHard Platinum Jump Box at Sears (Item # 2871988), on sale, for about $70.  It comes with a 22 amp hour battery which provides 1150 peak amps.  It has two 12 volt DC power outlets, a USB power port and a 400 watt inverter that powers the two AC outlets.  It will also jump start your car and inflate your tires or air mattresses.

I plugged in my cell phone, laptop, wireless router, cable modem, desk fan on high, portable DVD player, CFL desk lamp, a string of LED Christmas lights and didn’t even use a quarter of the 400 watts available from the on board inverter.  Granted, I only had it running like that for about an hour while I was playing with it.

I have LED Christmas light along the corners of the ceiling all throughout the entire house.  I did a test and I can run all of the lights in the house for about 10 hours off of this little jump box.  Think of using something like this the next time you go camping.  You could have a little border around your campsite using the LED Christmas lights all powered off of your portable battery backup system. You’ll never have troubles finding your campsite at night.

Using it like this will only last so long.  At some point you will have to charge it back up.  Here is the fun part, you can recharge it using a male to male 12 volt plug and your vehicle’s cigarette lighter.  Put one end of it in the 12 volt socket on the jump box and the other end plugged into your car.  Run your errands and go to work.  When you get home, it will be full again. 

There is no float charge when you have it plugged into the car so, when it is full, unplug it.  Also make sure to unplug it when you turn your car off. Batteries will find level. If you leave it plugged in while the car is not on, it will still drain from the car’s battery until they are equal. This might be enough to not let your car start and there might not be enough in the jump box to jump your car. Still, if you do everything right, you could have free light at the house for a very long time.