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Whenever I get a new subscriber on my YouTube page, I check out their page to get a feel for who they are.  Some of you have really great pages on prepping or gardening but, a lot of you just have videos about your kid’s soccer games or dance recitals.  When I read the comments you post to my videos, I can tell that you have a lot to offer the prepping community and you should make videos.  I’m sure that there are a lot of reasons that someone would not want to post prepping videos on their personal site but, the world should know what you know.

I designed my YouTube page to allow more than just myself to have a say.  Kind of like a guest host.  Now it is your turn to make an “L2Survive with (Your Name Here)” video.  If you have a project you are working on, a recipe to share or some advice to give to other preppers, I will post your video on my YouTube page where it can be seen by others.  Send me an email when you have a video ready and I will give you some contact info to get it to me.

My rules are basically YouTube’s rules and are there to protect this channel and myself.


  • Own your content:  I will not post anything you did not make with your own hands.  No pictures from the internet or songs by some artist.  You take your own photos, videos and write/sing your own music.


  • Make it topical:  This is a survival page.  Don’t send me a video of magic tricks or your thoughts on Justin Bieber’s new hair cut.


  • Know my flow:  You have seen enough of my videos to know my flow.  Start your video with who you are and what you are going to show us.  End your video with a reminder for people to comment, rate and subscribe.


  • You get nothing:  You will not receive compensation from me for your video.  I have every right to use your video how I see fit.  If your video has enough relevant information to prepping, you can promote your off topic website, blog or whatever at the end of your video.  Don’t send me a five second video that says “Everyone should buy gold and check out my page about puppets”


  • This is my house:  I have final say and edit authority to anything that gets posted to my page.  I may say it is a great video but, send it again with this thing added or this word changed.


  • Would your grandmother approve:  This is not a religious site but, I have a huge religious following.  There are also plenty of children that view my channel.  Try to keep swearing and other offensive material to a minimum.


I use Windows Movie Maker for my videos.  It comes free with Windows.  If you want to use another program to make your video, feel free.  Just make sure that I can open/edit it with Windows Movie Maker.

In addition to your video, please record yourself stating that you have created everything in your video and you are giving me the rights to use your video however I see fit.  I don’t want you to tell YouTube a year from now that you didn’t give me permission to use your video.  I have a perfect standing with YouTube and I am not going to risk that.

I can see how this idea can be great.  If this doesn’t work, I will shut it down and only use people I know.



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