Are You Spiderman?

Are you a web master?  Do you know a lot about websites, video production or have an idea for this site?  Can you write songs or music?  If so, I need your help.  I am just a poor boy from the streets of Port Orchard so, this is not a paying gig.  That being said, I would be happy to promote your site or let you put a tag line on anything you create.  Here are some of the things that I am looking for.


  • I need an intro or outro for my YouTube videos.  Something about three to seven seconds long that I can put at the beginning or end of my videos.  Something more than just text sliding across the screen like I do.  It could be a video of you with a guitar sitting on your bed singing a couple of lines of something you wrote or it could be a full production thing.


  • I need someone to write me a theme song.  I think everyone should have a theme song but, my talents lay elsewhere.  It can just music or words and music.  Whatever you think is cool.  If you want to make a whole video with a theme song for me, I will put post it as well.


  • I would like a cool logo.  I kinda like my “L2” but, something cool would be great.


  • I want my site to be cool.  I currently use WordPress because that is what I was told to do.  I like that you can add plugins easily and that I can choose a “Responsive Theme” so, it will resize on any device.  I can never make the Home Page look exactly like I want it to.  There is always some section or button I do not want and I cannot remove it.  I also do not like all of the blank space on the sides of the screen.  I want to have my page go across the whole screen.


  • I need help with Facebook.  I created a L2Survive Facebook page but, I want it to be separate from my personal page.  There are some liberal members of my friends and family that I just don’t want the conversation with.  I want to stay in the shadows as long as it is possible.  There are a few of you who have found out who I am and a few of you I have given my private information to or invited to the house, I just want to keep the private stuff private, for now.  Any help would be great.



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