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I’ve always been a prepper, I just didn’t know that there was a name for it.  I remember when I had my first car, in the back behind the sub woofers was a box.  In that box was all of camping gear I owned.  At a moments notice, I could decide to head up to the mountains and spend a day or three.  We would often head up to Lake Cushman after our shift at work and watch the sun come up.

“The Wife” (I also call her “My Love” but, that is a different story) knew that I always had to have a back up of a few things anywhere that I was.  Cigarettes, Mtn Dew and the like.  When Doomsday Preppers aired, we sat back and watched it.  One of the people was talking about their Go Bag/BOB.  I mentioned that I had one of those.  The Wife asked me if she had one too.  It never occurred to me to make her one.  I told her that she did not but, we could fix that.  That is when being a prepper really took shape for my family.  I often think back to that day and wonder, if she never asked me if she had a bag or had I been out of the room when he mentioned his bag on the show, would you even be reading this today?

At first I’m sure that The Wife and Babygirl thought it was just a passing fad.  We make a couple of Go Bags, save a couple of cans and that would be it.  Not me though.  The moment that she showed that first spark of interest was all I needed.  At first I tried to go slow, ease them into this lifestyle.  Sometimes I didn’t go slow enough and I knew that The Wife thought I had gone off the deep end and sometimes she would push me a little farther by saying something like, “We go through a lot of jam, I wonder if we can make our own” or “I bet we could use this for prepping”.  I no longer have a slow speed and she is doing her best to keep up.

Another key moment was when I started watching the Shaytards on YouTube.  Just a channel about a fat guy with a beard, a hot wife and three great kids.  I got hooked.  I thought, if this guy can make videos, I definitely can.  On Feb 10, 2012, I started my YouTube page.  I watched everything I could about prepping and started trying it out on camera.

I landed on LDSPrepper’s page and learned about Paul Gautschi and his Back to Eden garden. Turns out, I only live an hour or so away from him.  There wasn’t really anything about him on the interweb.  There was a few videos on YouTube and the movie, www.backtoedenfilm.com.  I had to go to his house and see what this whole thing was really about.  I was hooked, and The Wife knew it.  The next day I was calling tree services and within hours had a driveway full of woodchips.

The rest, as they say, is history and you can watch it on my YouTube page (shameless plug coming) www.youtube.com/L2Survive


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